The anatomy of the guinea pig is a complex system of bones, organs and many other needed body structures. The guinea is a vertebrate, meaning is has a backbone as well as a skull and rib bones.

bones and labels of the insides of a guinea pig

Guinea pigs have 20 teeth however you only see the first four. Their teeth serve a huge purpose for both guinea pigs in the wild as well as pets. The upper incisor is much like a beaver’s in that it continues to grow throughout the guinea’s life time. This is why a guinea pig shaves down their teeth by chewing on blocks of wood or the cage rails.

bones and teeth of a guinea pig with labels

A guinea pig’s eye is much like that of a pig because theirs contains three eyelids in the front left corner of the eye.

Like humans, guinea pigs also have an iris and a pupil which adjusts to the amount of light it allows in.

eyeball sketch with labelsOther Helpful Sources


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